About us


To reap the best of our nation’s rich dividend of young learners by catering to the educational needs of tomorrow through empowered principals and educators.


Aligning passion and perseverance to develop student-friendly pedagogy, implement policies, inculcate best-practices and develop processes on-par with global standards.

Goals of PSPA

History of PSPA

PSPA Strives to


Nudge Principals towards excellence through mentoring, workshops, trainings, professional & personality development programs. Activities to foster physical and mental well-being for holistic growth of the fraternity.


Ideas, opinions, suggestions and concerns of private school principals and present the same before pertinent government bodies. In some rare yet pressing cases, exploring legal course through consultations with the in-community law experts.


Having a good network is half the work done. Chisel your skills in building connects with individuals, experts and industry to bring the world closer.

Raise the academic standards

Pedagogy, Evaluation, Collaborations, Skill-training, technology integration and research dissemination to match the global benchmark.


The best from policies, papers and peers for principals everywhere.


To collectively safeguard the constitutional and professional rights, privileges, and interests of its members.

Unity and solidarity

Standing by not just one another, but standing for all learners and promoting oneness in thought and action – Delivering the best in education to awaken the human potential.


Yes, too many cooks spoil the broth, but with the right set of cooks you might just discover the recipe for phenomenal success.

How do we function?